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Dave Bagdade: Kitchen Party Ceilidh


(Kitchen Party Ceilidh)
May 26, 2018
Tickle Harbour – Water Street Jigs, Battery Included
Irish Descendants – Leaving on the Evening Tide, Across the Water
Excerpt from Where I Belong by Alan Doyle
Wonderful Grand Band – The Kerry Polka, Living in a Fog
Wonderful Grand Band – UIC, Living in a Fog
Excerpt from A Newfoundlander in Canada by Alan Doyle
The Dardanelles – The Long Point Reels, Eastern Light
Matthew Byrne – The River Driver, Horizon Lines
Interview with Matthew Byrne, part one
Matthew Byrne featuring Joe Byrne – Kitty Bawn O’Brien, Horizon Lines
Interview with Matthew Byrne, part two
Matthew Byrne – Adelaide, Horizon Lines
Figgy Duff – Tinker Behind the Door, Figgy Duff
Matthew Byrne – The Wedding Waltz, Horizon Lines