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Dave Bagdade: Kitchen Party Ceilidh


(Kitchen Party Ceilidh)
August 5, 2016
We Banjo 3 – Kentucky Grind, String Theory
We Banjo 3 – Two Sisters, String Theory
Joe Derrane – Humours of Lissadel/Music in the Glen/Johnson's, Return to Inis Mor
Jerry Holland – Derrane’s Hornpipes, Jerry Holland and Friends
Joe Derrane – The Devil and the Dirk/The Trip to Windsor/Brumley Brae, The Boston Edge
Joe Derrane – Chief O’Neill’s Favorite/The First of June, The Boston Edge
Joe Derrane – The Merry Blacksmith/Limestone Rock, Irish Accordion
Joe Derrane – Harvest Home/The Bird in the Tree, Irish Accordion
Joe Derrane – The Frieze Britches/The Accord, The Tie That Binds
Joe Derrane – Caprice, The Tie That Binds
Karine Polwart - Rivers Run, This Earthly Spell
Aonhgas Grant - Morag's Wedding/MacKinnon's Reel, The Hills of Glengarry
Joe Derrane – Waltzing with Annie, Grove Lane